The program of a performance and workshops is flexible and fitted to a type and schedule of Your show/party/ceremony/match etc. I perform whenever and wherever You want.

I offer a vast variety of performances, such as a single show or a number of shows combined with freestyle football workshops. I am also fully available during Your show/party/ceremony/match etc.

Contact Dawid for more details.


The show is a routine of tricks with a ball well-fitting with music. It also comprises acrobatic figures and the use of certain props. Watch the show


There are no age and gender restrictions on participating in workshops and competitions so anyone can test oneself in doing simple tricks.


Freestyle football performances will effectively draw people’s attention and increase attractiveness of every event.


PRODUCT PLACEMENT: promotion of your brand during performances


  • The idea of freestyle football shows and workshops is an excellent way to attract a larger number of guests and attendees to your event.

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  • I am very experienced in performing in front of a wide audience. Live show on the scene combined with music gives an amazing effect.

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  • Professional freestyle football shows give shine to every business event. The choreography is adjusted to a particular character of an event.

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  • Do you organize sports day/promotion campaign/advertising campaign? A special show will draw the customers’ attention.

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  • How to draw people’s attention and increase their interest? Using Dawid’s remarkable skills is an excellent idea to do that. .

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  • Thanks to the spectacular freestyle football shows your exhibition will easily draw peoples’ attention and attract more customers.

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