Current Polish Red Bull Champion

¼ finalist World Championship Brasill


Dawid Krzyżowski

Freestyle football since 2005r 
born: 17.03.1990
nationality: Poland

Dawid performs advanced tricks with a ball (Freestyle Football)


Extraordinary acrobatic skills combined with an incredible football control, flowing music and the use of props make every spectator remember his show for a very long time.

His skills are validated by not only numerous shows and performances he has done but, most importantly, his sports achievements. The biggest one is winning the Polish edition of Red Bull Street Style, and achieving quarterfinals at Freestyle Football World Championships in Brazil.

Lern more about Dawid’s success at World Championships in Brazil 

Red Bull tournament is the biggest and the most prestigious event in the Freestyle Football world.

There are two competitors in each battle. The winner advances to the next round, the beaten drops out from the competition. In order to make it to the quarterfinals, Dawid had to beat his opponents in battles and win the Polish edition of RBSS. Next, he had to win his battles during the group phase at the championships in Brazil, where total number of players from around the world was 51. Only 16 made it to the finals. Dawid won his first battle in finals but was defeated in the second one  by Andrew Henderson from England, who eventually had become The Champion. It was a very close battle and, finally, Dawid ended his show at the World’s Top 8.

There are a lot of categories in Freestyle Football competitions but the most prestigious one is ‘battle’.


Watch the highlights from RBSS finals in Brazil.







I make performances/shows for various occasions, adjusting the program to a different nature of a planned event.







Jan Szczęsny, Krzysztof "Jankes" Jankowski, Katarzyna Cichopek oraz Jerzy Engel


Krzysztof "Jankes" Jankowski
radio broadcaster

'You must not only have a great sporting talent but a lot more to make a choreography fitting so good with music'

Jerzy Engel
former Polish national football team coach and football activist

'What a shame you haven't played in my team (laugh)'

Jan Szczęsny
famous football player

'I've been a footballer for many years but I never thought that you can do such things with a ball'

Katarzyna Cichopek

'I've seen many shows but Dawid presented something special. I've even recorded a short video and I want to show it to my son'